Katherine Turner

Katherine Turner is an award-winning author, editor, and a life-long reader and writer. She grew up in foster care from the age of eight and is passionate about improving the world through literature, empathy, and understanding. In addition to writing books, Katherine blogs about mental health, trauma, and the need for compassion on her website http://www.kturnerwrites.com.

She lives in northern Virginia with her husband, two children, and two playful kittens. When she’s not writing, Katherine is likely reading or exploring nature with her family.

See more about her and her important work here: https://kturnerwrites.com/

Personal note from me: Katherine Turner was sent to me by another client, and man am I grateful! She has been a joy to work with and fit right in with my little INFJ family. She has shown me what true grace is and what it means to be “resilient.” I am lucky to call her a friend. As an editor and reader, having seen her extensive outlines for other amazing stories, I am thrilled to be part of her team!

Here are Katherine’s currently published books, for which I will add my reviews soon:

Finding Annie: Life Imperfect Book One (I did not edit this one, but it is worth the read and I was an editor for book two in the series)

Willow Wishes: Life Imperfect Book Two

moments of extraordinary courage


I will say that resilient is absolutely the most emotionally difficult book I’ve ever read. I will also say, it is one of the most valuable. If you’d like to check out these books, they can be found on Amazon *here*!

moments of extraordinary courage: This is the pre-release companion book to resilient, and a closer look at some of the events within the bigger memoir. It illustrates the wisdom, lessons, and value Katherine was able to find in her dark times, examples of when she was able to “break the silence.” **Trigger warning: Definitely worth the read, but PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING**

“This collection of stories explores the life of Katherine Turner, a woman overcoming a lifetime of abuse and insecurity, as she journeys to face the vulnerability and uncertainty of breaking her silence in otherwise ordinary moments of extraordinary courage.”

resilient: **Trigger warning: Definitely worth the read, but PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING**

Review coming soon!

Finding Annie: Life Imperfect Book One: I did NOT edit this one, but would like to promote it because of how strongly I felt about it. This book changed my mind about an entire genre. **Trigger warning: Definitely worth the read, but PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING**

I will tell you honestly I am not generally a romance novel reader. The stories told in them generally lack the depth of emotion and realistic feeling I need to connect. But then, Finding Annie is not your typical romance. It takes all of your expectations and turns them right on their head in the best way.

Katherine Turner taps into the vein of something deeper than romance. She dives into the broken, bleeding, beating heart of humanity and brings our deepest needs and fears to the surface in a true representation of love. We are all damaged in some way or another, and connection to these characters was instantaneous for me, Annie’s self-deprecating and fractured nature especially. I found myself needing to know what was going on in both Annie and Rob’s heads, and it’s interesting to note that reading Rob’s parts gave me a much-needed opposing perspective on what others may be thinking.

The prose is intuitive, and the flow done well, making it hard to pull yourself away from continuing to the next chapter. As is always the case with books by fellow INFJs, this reading served a purpose in my life at an especially important time. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, regardless of their usual genre.

Willow Wishes: Life Imperfect Book Two: **Trigger warning: Definitely worth the read, but PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING**

Willow Wishes is the heart-pounding sequel to Finding Annie. This book starts where the last one left off and jumps right into the engaging rollercoaster that is the Life Imperfect series. There is drama, excitement, conflicting desires, happiness, fear, and of course—love. In my review of the first book, I talked about how Katherine Turner taps into the vein of what it is to be human, and this book only serves to further deepen that.

Annie and Rob’s core struggles are ones we can all understand and relate to. There are moments of very real danger and trauma, and we get to see the characters—in all their flawed glory—rise to the occasion. Their fear, turmoil, and demons make for realistic misunderstandings, and they must strive to listen to their inner voices and speak honestly to each other for even the hope of a future together. Annie’s friends play a vital role in her life and choices, and Turner has given them all such full personalities and features that I can’t help loving each for different reasons.

I should disclose to you that I am one of the editors of this book, but rest assured my reviews are always unbiased. I don’t take on projects that I don’t believe in or enjoy, and this series is one of my favorites as a reader. So, buckle up and get ready for twists and emotions you’ll never see coming in Willow Wishes and the books to follow (trust me…I’ve seen the raw material).