Brandon Cornwell

A father, writer, and gamer, Brandon Cornwell resides with his children in the magical Pacific Northwest. Majestic Redwoods, breathtaking mountains, and pristine beaches lend themselves to his creative process and bring his writing to life.

Always passionate about reading and learning, Brandon started collecting books at a young age. Among them were the works of Jules Verne, Charles Dickens, and more, but it was the work of J.R.R. Tolkien that really captivated his imagination. As he grew older, his collection became dominated by works of fantasy, and by the young age of eleven, he had decided that his dream was to become a published author.

Now, more than twenty years later, he is pursuing his dream in earnest, with the Dynasty of Storms saga. Many more books are planned for the future, so keep an eye out for more releases!

Brandon Cornwell currently has five fantasy books published, all connected to his Dynasty of Storms saga. The Warrior’s Trilogy follows the male protagonist, Elias, as he travels through frozen mountains, tropical islands, ancient forests, and treacherous deserts on a quest for vengeance against the leader of the abominations known as the Felle. Elias and his friends are some of my absolute favorite characters, and Cornwell brings fantastic new energy and environments into a fairly static genre (while retaining that epic fantasy feel).

Songs of the Northlands: A Book of Erde is a collection of short stories that add to the intricate lore of the world introduced in The Warrior’s Trilogy. Each story brings a magic all its own, yet also gives a richness to the overarching saga.

Snowfall, the fourth DoS book and first of The Mage’s Trilogy, follows the perspective of the female protagonist, Amethyst, within the same timeline as the first trilogy. This expertly orchestrated alternative viewpoint illustrates the magic element of the world with Amethyst’s rise to apprenticeship to the Master of Earth (one of the eight most powerful mages on Erde). She must not only learn her own magic, but also navigate the treacherous politics of the Council of Masters. Having read a current draft of the next book, I can assure you the story only grows stronger with each.

Personal note from me: Brandon is my good friend and what I aspire to be like as a writer. He is an amazing self-published author who excels at timeline weaving and creating unique, deep, and relatable characters. He was kind enough to let me have reader access to books one and two, and I was honored to start beta-reading for him with book three, continuing through the currently written works in the series. If you’d like to check out his work, visit his Amazon page *here*!